‘Thinking of buying a solar water heater for two years.’

(Listen to our Customer’s story who was thinking of buying a Solar Water Heater for a long time – he has been our motivation and encouragement)

I have been planning to buy and install a solar water heater for a long time; I have contemplated various brands for the last two years, and I couldn’t decide because they all look the same. Almost all the solar water heaters look similar and alike; there is hardly any differentiating factor between the two brands. This was one of the main reasons I did not decide upon any brand. This continued for a long time till I visited my Colleague’s house-warming ceremony near Vijayanagar. The Colleague of mine had built a three-storeyed house; each floor had a built-up area of around 1100 sqft; I was anxious to see his home, as he had taken a lot of care to construct his house. He constantly boasted about the materials for flooring, wall paint, etc. He was directly involved in every stage of building the house. Hence I had developed a lot of interest in checking on his home. The house-warming ceremony allowed me to inspect his house and review it for me. I checked every house floor in detail and checked on the wall furnishings, floor finish, bathroom tiles, ceilings, fittings, etc. I finally came to the house’s terrace and spotted Sunrise Solar Water Heater; I was surprised and curious to know why Dinesh had installed a Sunrise Solar Water Heater and what is the specialty and advantage of this brand. When I was analyzing various brands, I also came across the Sunrise Solar brand, but somehow I wasn’t convinced about it and left it there.Now I was curious and also anxious. As the ceremony started, my Colleague was busy, and I didn’t bother him. The lunch was served, and the food was pretty tasty and fantastic; he had left no stone unturned in making the function a successful one. Post lunch, I spotted him, and I approached him to inquire about Sunrise Solar Water Heater and why he chose the brand. I asked him directly what was the main factor behind choosing Sunrise Solar. Dinesh said Sunrise Solar is the oldest company manufacturing Solar Water Heaters, headquartered in Bangalore. The company has been manufacturing them since 1985, their expertise is unparalleled, and they have excellent customer satisfaction ratings. I was pretty convinced by his understanding and considered installing the product. I also enquired with one of my cousins, a Mechanical Engineer working for an MNC in Bangalore; he also gave me good reviews and feedback about Sunrise Solar, which gave me more clarity and confidence to install a Sunrise Solar Water Heater on my terrace.      

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