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The Benefits of Going Solar

There is a quiet solar revolution happening on the rooftops of India. At Sunrise Solar we are proud to be leading the change, one home, one family, one solar panel at a time. We are helping smart India make a real difference to the planet, cutting electricity bills, and connecting them to their smart energy future. It’s time to join the revolution.


With a team of creative, innovative and dedicated individuals in Sunrise Solar, you will witness our passion to bring green energy impact to the community. Sunrise Solar Systems was formed to deliver quality turnkey solar photovoltaic (PV) solutions- Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC)- for commercial, industrial and large-scale solar farm projects.

As a leading total energy solutions company, Sunrise Solar believes in the Energy Trilogy- Energy Generation, Energy Efficiency and Energy Storage; in which, our vision is rooted- in driving the world towards clean and sustainable energy for a better future.

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Professional Team

With a team of engineers and highly specialized workers, we ensure the products we make will be extremely quality.
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Our technical team always accessible for all your queries 24x7

Reasons to choose Sunrise Solar Products

Rigorous Testing

Before it’s included in our range, each component of our solar water heater and solar power systems is rigorously tested to ensure minimal energy losses, maximum energy yields, strength and longevity of the products.

We also conduct inwards goods inspections on products received into our warehouses to ensure the quality is consistent with Sunrise’s specifications.

No matter which Sunrise system you select, you can be sure of worry-free, trouble-free energy for years to come.

Sunrise is one of the few providers that can offer a full range of solar energy products, including solar hot water system, solar roof tops and solar energy storage solutions.

Solar Energy Experts

Choosing the right solar water heating system it is not easy. While price will always be a consideration, it is crucial you also receive the right up-front advice, a problem-free installation and comprehensive after-sales service, from Sunrise Solar Pvt Ltd.

Sunrise Solar Water Heating systems are only available through Authorised channel partners. All trained and qualified to ensure you get the best solar solution to suit your family and budget. They will come to your home, discuss and understand your needs, assess the site conditions and will provide you with the best options.

Increase the value

According to research conducted by a leading real estate online website, the majority of Indians believe that solar power-equipped homes are more valuable than those relying on traditional means of electricity.

The report states, that properties with sustainable features such as Solar Water Heating System, Solar Rooftop takes average 90 days less to sell than homes without solar sytem in place. In another survey through the same leading real estate online website states that 85% of Indians believe solar powered homes increased the value of a property.

Trusted Sunrise Brand

If you are looking for most trusted warranties, you have come to the right place We are not just after the quick sale, as we are concerned about our brand reputation, which has been built from being a part of the solar industry since 1985.

A Sunrise Warranty provides you with the peace of mind knowing that if you ever have a problem with your Sunrise system, you are only one phone call away from getting the issue resolved. We will repair or replace components subject to the terms of your warranty.

In addition, we will happily provide preventative maintenance and advice on the operation of your system.

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Sunrise Solar Water Heating System are the technology of choice for the Asia’s top companies and experts, including Architects, major Builders, Government Bodies and energy consultants recommend “SUNRISE” Solar Brand.
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