The only reliable green energy source is undoubtedly solar energy—no two ways about it.

World Earth Day is commemorated on April 22; the day holds significance in preserving the earth from all the perceived threats. The list of threats to planet earth is endless; there are many visible threats to the planet, the first one is climate change, and the reasons are obvious and many. The rising carbon footprint on the earth is the core reason for climate change; the other factors are cyclical. The increasing carbon footprint has a legacy of over five decades, starting from the industrial revolution to the automobile revolution and the computer revolution. The chain of events is inter-related and well-connected. The timing for the beginning of creating carbon footprints can be dated way back to the 1970’s when the industrial revolution took its flight, and the industrial revolution gained total momentum, and spread across all countries on the planet. Within the next two decades, many countries set up industries to manufacture something or buy manufactured products from other manufacturing countries. This phenomenon was the beginning of climate change; the change was negligible and was hence unnoticed. As the automobile revolution soon outsmarted the industrial revolution, the same trends continued. Most countries set up manufacturing facilities to manufacture automobiles, while others bought the manufactured cars. The effects were far more devastating than the previous one; the manufactured cars ran on oil and let tons of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases into the atmosphere. The automobile revolution made a twin impact on climate change – one, the manufacturing units let out tonnes of carbon-di-oxide for manufacturing cars, and second, the manufactured cars consumed carbon fuels and let out tonnes of carbon-di-oxide. So, the result of the automobile revolution was it contributed immensely to the climate change, and the effects weren’t noticed et al. Once the ill-effects of the automobile revolution were seen, the voices were snuggled before they could reach out to more ears resulting in more automobiles on the road. The automobile manufacturing process continued for more than five decades, paving the way for Information Technology, or the manufacturing of Computers, Laptops, and their accessories. All these innovations by humanity had a cascading effect on the environment resulting in irreparable damages.

Renewable energy dominating the energy space

The world has witnessed various forms of energy – Hydroelectric energy, thermal energy, nuclear energy, and solar energy (Renewable energy). Renewable solar energy has become relevant and significant in the current times; the world is talking about using green forms of fuels and energies which don’t impact climate change. This thought has paved the way for solar power – the utility of solar energy and its products has gained prominence due to this fact. The world is seriously contemplating changing the way people live, and solar power is very much in the scheme of things as solar energy is available in abundance. Sourcing it is also easy with solar-based PV technology. Solar energy and its products will invariably be at the forefront of every product usage; the electrical appliances will soon be replaced with solar devices as the inevitable has to happen at all costs.      

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