‘The maintenance factor surprised the hell out of me.’

(Listen to our Customer’s story who was very satisfied and happy with the Sunrise Solar’s maintenance and service team- he has been our motivation and encouragement)

Generally, the service and maintenance team are believed to be irresponsible and unaccountable. This statement is based on the overall customer’s opinion across various products and categories. When there is a technical issue with the product, the maintenance team’s response is poor. 

I bought a 300 LPD Sunrise Solar’s ETC Solar Water Heater in 2016. For the first two years, the solar water heater was running fine; it didn’t have any issues; in 2018, we had to experience minor technical glitches, and the water was not heating. We are a family of 6 members, and all of us take our baths by 8 am. It so happened that till 9 AM, few of us were awaiting our turn to have a bath. The water wasn’t heating at all. We started using alternative methods to boil water and continued with the same.Meanwhile, I called Sunrise Solar’s service team and registered a complaint. Within 24 hours, I received a call back to check on the whereabouts of the problem. The service and maintenance team arrived and checked the solar water heater internally the next day. They identified the issue and rectified it instantly; I was waiting with curiosity that the problem would reoccur for the next few days. I checked whether all my family members took a bath by 8 AM every day, and they had taken their baths before time. I also started checking on the hotness of the water and quantity to register another complaint. To my surprise, the hotness of the water was as good as it was before, and the amount too was intact. A second thought occurred in my mind that maybe after the regular wear and tear for some days, the solar water heater might start giving some technical trouble. There were absolutely no technical issues with the solar water heater, and it was delivering satisfying results after the maintenance team visited and rectified the problem. 

To date, we haven’t experienced any technical issues; I thought of bringing this aspect to the company and encouraging them to build quality solar water heaters ideal for Indian weather conditions. I wrote to the company to thank them for the immediate service I received and thanked them for installing a formidable and high-quality solar water heater. I told the Sunrise management team to count me as one of their satisfied customers.   

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