‘Prompt Customer Service gave me immense confidence.’

(Listen to our Customer’s story who faced a technical issue with us and was sorted quickly – he has been our motivation and encouragement)

I am a Sales Professional working for a reputed FMCG company in Bangalore. In my entire career and experience, has always witnessed and heard about Customer Service discipline, mostly from people. When people complain about inadequate services from any company, the direct accountability and responsibility fall on the Customer Service department. This principle applies to all companies operating in the public domain, irrespective of the product categories. The company I work for maintains high standards in Customer Service and values customers’ advice and ideas; hence I believe entirely that a reputed and reliable company does have a dedicated and efficient customer service division. My experience with Sunrise Solar is somewhat the same. To reiterate, we had installed a 220 LPD ETC Solar Water Heater in 2019; the water heater worked fine for two years, till September 2021, then suddenly, one fine, the hot water supply stopped abruptly. We tried all types of trivial repair works from our end, which went in vain. Immediately I called the customer service division of Sunrise Solar and explained the technical problem; the customer service executive assured me that hopefully next day, their technical team would visit and sort out the issue. I received a call from the technical team the next day, and they enquired about the location of my home and took some details about the landmarks to locate our home. Finally, after an hour, they arrived at our house and inspected the solar water heater; the team of two technicians checked the solar water heater’s tank and its connections, the Photovoltaic panels, etc.; after an hour or so, they weren’t able to identify the problem, and they looked disappointed. After enquiring, I knew they couldn’t resolve the technical issue. When I got upset over the reason, they soothed me and assured me that the problem would be quickly resolved by another colleague with more extended experience than them. So within the next two hours, another gentleman arrived and started inspecting the device. He thoroughly reviewed all the solar water heater units, identified the technical issue, and resolved it within three hours. After fixing the case, he waited for another half hour to check the hotness of the water and guarantee that henceforth he need not worry further about the subject. The hot water supply was restored, and we haven’t experienced such technical issues to date. The prompt customer service in resolving the technical problem has enhanced my confidence in Sunrise Solar company.    

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