(Listen to our Customer’s story who was fed up with his previous Solar Water Heater – he has been our motivation and encouragement)

I was so upset and fed up with the common technical issues and problems of my previous Solar Water Heater; I had determined to ‘Never use a solar water heater’ again in my life; it was not my determination but my resolve. I had decided to go for an electric geyser and use it irrespective of the high electric costs. To explain in detail, I have to take you back to 2011. In 2011, I installed a 200-liter Solar Water Heater to save some money as the electricity costs were on the higher side. Initially, my family members and I were happy with the new appliance decked on our rooftop; we had no technical problems for the first three months. We had installed the solar water heater in April; when the summer season phased out, we started having technical issues. The water was not heating in June, with a 28-30 degree maximum outside temperature; the water was as cold as it was stored. We reported this to the customer care representatives of the solar water heater company. On the fifth day of complaint registration, we received two technicians from the company; they checked the entire appliance and said that ‘the PV cells and all its fittings are excellent, maybe some issue related to the heating process. They said that there would send superior technicians to understand the problem in detail and left. We had to call repeatedly to get the second batch of technicians; they identified the defect and repaired it. The water heater was working fine; we started to face the same issues in the third month. We had to call the technical guys to set it right. They said they had to replace the entire Photo-voltaic cell unit as it was not in a working condition; they also denied us the warranty agreement and said that we have to pay for the team. With this, I was dejected and wanted to uninstall the solar water heater and never another one in my life. Things slowly changed when my brother-in-law visited Coimbatore; he vouched for Sunrise Solar Water Heater and said he had been using it for the last eight years without any technical glitches. I didn’t take his word seriously. I gave a thought for a few months and, in the year 2012, opted for a 200-liter Sunrise Solar Water Heater. As my brother-in-law said, the appliance hasn’t failed me this time. It has been in fine working condition for the last ten years. I think I made an intelligent decision.     

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