‘My assumptions backfired, and I was surprised completely.’

(Listen to our Customer’s story who was very satisfied and happy with the Sunrise Solar’s maintenance and service team for installing the solar water heater on his terrace- he has been our motivation and encouragement)

When tough things are made, people tend to get surprised. I am one of Sunrise Solar’s customers who is surprised by how the company’s maintenance and service team installed the solar water heater on my terrace. My house is a three-storeyed building, with very little space on the deck on the fourth floor. I was contemplating buying a solar water heater and installing it on the fourth floor four years back. I contacted a few companies, and the maintenance team visited the house and told me that the solar water could not be installed on my terrace. They gave us because the space wasn’t sufficient for installing a solar water heater. I contacted a few more companies and their dealers; they also visited my house and told me that the installation isn’t possible on the fourth floor as there wasn’t requisite space. This bothered me, and I dropped the idea of installing a solar water heater and continued using an Electric Geyser. The usage costs of the Electric Geyser were increasing month on month, as our relatives keep visiting our house frequently and the needs increase every month. My monthly electricity bill was around Rs 2,100/- and it used to be in the same range, sometimes it used to go up till 2,500/- also I was fed up and worried about this rising cost. I happened to witness a solar water heater installation by my neighbour and enquired with the service personnel about the possibility of installing it on my terrace. The service person visited my house and thoroughly inspected the fourth floor. After reviewing it, he said the solar water heater could be installed on the fourth floor. I was surprised and puzzled; I asked him to inspect thoroughly and tell. He confidently said that the installation is easily possible with some effort. Even though I was surprised and believed it wasn’t possible. I still wanted to explore the possibility. I told the Maintenance person that I would not pay any extra charges if the installation failed, to which he sincerely agreed. He categorically stated that the payment could be paid after the installation. The same person came with an assistant the next day and installed the solar water heater. I was surprised and thanked the maintenance person and his assistant. He was from Sunrise Solar; the water heater was established in August of the year 2016, and to date, it is running fine, and we haven’t experienced any technical issues.    

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