I have so much to talk about Sunrise Solar’s ETC Solar Water.

(Listen to our Customer’s story who works for the Karnataka State Government – he has been our motivation and encouragement)

I am a Karnataka State Government employee, and we have been using solar water heaters for the past 15 years. In the year 2006, we had installed a solar water heater as we wanted to save money on electricity and also we wanted to contribute to saving hydro-electric power source. We are a family of five members, myself, my wife, and three children. With the solar water heater installation, we thought our hot water requirement would be fulfilled quickly, but after three years of usage, we had to face technical issues with the solar water heater. Not just technical glitches; even water boiling was not up to the mark. The solar water heater’s capacity was 200 litres, but it only provided around 50 litres of hot water. Only three of us could take a bath on time; in fact, my two younger children were taking a bath after an hour or so. They often had to use the gas stove for boiling water as they used to get late for their school. With these types of issues, somehow we managed for three years, then we had a technical problem, the water never used to get boiled, then we called the technicians, and they started blaming the Photo-Voltaic cells for the issue. Finally, we decided to replace the solar water heater as the problems began mounting and our everyday problems aggravated.

Sunrise Solar gave us a new lease of life

In 2011, we came to know about Sunrise Solar through one of our relatives. We happened to meet at a family function. I happened to elaborate on the issue with our solar water heater; then, he started talking about Sunrise Solar’s quality and usage. He has been using the solar water heater since 2002. He said, ‘I have been using Sunrise Solar’s water heater for the last9 years; to date, I haven’t had any technical issues, the water gets boiled quickly, and we all take a bath on time and leave for our regular work.’ With his word of confidence, I contacted Sunrise Solar at their Yeshwantpur corporate office and got installed a Sunrise Solar ETC Solar Water Heater. We haven’t faced any issues to date; in fact, once every six months, the company calls us to inquire about the product, and we give them a positive reply.


Contact us if you are experiencing any technical issues with your solar water heaters. Just share your name and contact details, and we’ll ensure your problem is sorted out at the earliest

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