How does one identify the best solar water heater suited for his home – What are the main differences between Flat Plate Collectors and Evacuated Tube Collectors?

Evaluation of ETC and FPC - Differences

How does a consumer decide what type of solar water heater is best suitable for his home, this question is the most common one and we thought of addressing it most diversely. A home appliance should look sleek, elegant, and sophisticated, this has been the norm from the day home appliances were invented and consumers started to adorn them in their homes. From the day consumers started buying home appliances, the primary feature and aspect was the overall looks of the appliance. The same principle applies to the solar water heater but with some conditions, looks do matter but performance supersedes it. The best way to analyze a home appliance is by evaluating it between cost, utility, and durability.

Evaluating the cost, utility, and durability between Flat Plate Collectors and Evacuated Tube Collectors

The three significant factors that establish the viability of the product and connect deeply with the Indian consumer are cost, utility, and durability. So how does one evaluate these factors by comparing the Flat Plate Collectors and Evacuated Tube Collectors? The cost of Flat Plate Collectors is on the higher side when compared with Evacuated Tube Collectors, the reason being is the manufacturing and building of these two varies and the same is reflected in the cost parity. Evacuated Tube Collectors are manufactured by assembling a series of glass tubes placed parallelly, this is believed to be highly efficient. Each tube has glass walls, and the air between them is removed to create a vacuum which assists in preventing heat loss. Flat Plate Collectors consist of a single or series of absorber plates to collect depending upon the capacity, the sunlight, and the insulated metal box retains the heat. The heat is absorbed from the atmosphere and the environment and the same is circulated within the copper pipes to convert hot water. The cost of the Flat Plate Collectors is on the higher side and the solar water heater looks elegant and sophisticated and adorns the terrace. Whereas the cost of the Evacuated Tube Collectors is on the lower side and looks sturdy on the terrace. Both solar water heaters are durable and last around 15 years.

Weather and performance are decisive when deciding between the two

Determining weather in a country like India is quite easy, the weather is mostly hot with a few exceptions in some regions. In a tropical climate like India, the weather is always hot and humid, with the average temperature ranging between 25 degrees centigrade and 35 degrees centigrade, the Indian consumer should choose the Evacuated Tube Collectors. In colder regions, the Evacuated Tube Collectors perform well as they are built to suit that type of climatic conditions. Nonetheless, the Flat Plate Collectors do perform in the colder regions but with a few hitches.

Simpler features and quality should empower the consumer to decide

With the features and advantages clearly explained and validated accordingly, it becomes easy for the Indian consumer to choose the best suitable solar water heater for his family and home. It becomes evident for the consumer that the looks also matter when an appliance is placed on his terrace. After all the Indian consumer is changing and elegant looks matter in every home appliance.

How to protect your Solar Water Heater from Hard Water?

Protecting your solar water heater from hard water is important to ensure its efficiency and longevity. At Sunrise Solar, we recommend a few simple steps that can help protect your system from scale build-up or other harmful contaminants caused by hard water. First, make sure you regularly inspect all of the interior components for any signs of corrosion or damage. If you notice anything unusual, contact us right away! Additionally, ensuring that there’s proper insulation is also key in preventing heat loss and condensation accumulation which can lead to issues with your solar panel performance. Regular maintenance checks are always beneficial when it comes to ensuring maximum performance and efficiency; so, don’t skip those scheduled checkups each year.


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