Great opportunities exist in the current business landscape for the new and emerging entrepreneur

Great opportunities exist in the current business landscape for the new and emerging entrepreneur

The new-age entrepreneur is a class apart, he is a serious-thinker, risk-taker, and well-educated. The new-age entrepreneur has travelled the journey of life with a positive attitude and wants to lead a life on his terms, all his life he has been a good son to his parents and listened to all their advice. The regular counsel sessions of all Indian parents who voluntarily and naturally advise their children on studies and career choices is a general phenomenon in every Indian household, most educated and qualified youngsters who have finished their graduation have experienced such sessions from their parents. Despite all the counselling sessions from the parents, the final decision eventually lies with the youngster – whether to take up a job or explore some business opportunities and become an entrepreneur. Most youngsters who contemplate business go through this dilemma, the rigmarole is a natural process, every aspiring entrepreneur must get grinded through this process to emerge as a confident entrepreneur.

Parent’s dilemma is a natural progression

Most Indian parents who always take much interest in their son’s education and career aspects are encouraging on many levels, they have their experience as backing and their decisions would be effective and useful for their children in many cases. The experience and learnings of the parents can have a resourceful impact on their children, especially their son. If the father had tried his hands on some business in his early years and then switched over to a job as he wasn’t successful in the business then his experience would be handy for the son. On the contrary, if the father strongly thinks that because he wasn’t successful in the business venture his son could also face the same fate, then the thinking is completely wrong. The situations and business scenarios that prevailed during the father’s venturing into business and the son’s times are completely different. Today’s business scenario is completely different from the situation that prevailed 25 years back, we live in a global era today and things have drastically changed. The current business landscape is different and the entrepreneurs can make good of the landscape, many factors play up in the favour of the aspiring entrepreneur. The government’s policies are one important factor that changes the entire dynamics of the business and the global impact is another factor that also plays a strong and forceful factor in the build-up of a particular business. Some businesses have a compounding and organic effect, they act as catalysts and aid the entrepreneur to grow naturally. The renewable energy sector is one such sector that has favourable government policies coupled with a global impact; this sector can be a good platform for today’s aspiring entrepreneurs. Considering a business opportunity in the solar industry can be rewarding for entrepreneurs.


Sunrise Solar, the new and emerging solar company from Bangalore offers the right platform for entrepreneurs


Sunrise Solar is a 4-decade old organization from Bangalore, the company has successfully manufactured and delivered lakhs of units to its customers over a long period and created a family of happy customers. Sunrise Solar is on an ambitious growth path and is appointing Distributors and Dealers across India, the company is considering new-age entrepreneurs and self-employed businessmen to become successful by associating with Sunrise Solar. Sunrise Solar is appointing Dealers and Distributors in cities and district places for as little as Rs 1-3 lakhs, the amount is very less and inspires many aspiring entrepreneurs in major districts of India. Now is the time for Indian entrepreneurship to blossom fully in the renewable energy space.

With very meagre and small investments, aspiring entrepreneurs can begin their business journey, and with a strong and formidable association they are conformingly placed to grow as a profitable Businessman

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