‘Go for Sunrise Solar Water Heaters without any hesitation.’

(Listen to our Customer’s story who purchased three Solar Water Heaters within two years – he has been our motivation and encouragement)

For the first time in my life, I am over-confident about a consumer appliance. I generally don’t fall for any consumer appliances; I have been using all kinds of consumer appliances at home for many years but have never liked any particular device. They all perform as required and expected; with some machines, I also had some bad experiences with the quality and maintenance of a few, especially the Electric Geyser. I bought my first Electric Geyser in 2009; I used it for two years, then it started developing some technical issues, mainly the water was not getting boiled as it was required to. The entire family used to wait for long hours to take their bath; this process continued for a few months before I decided enough and started looking for alternatives. I started looking for durable and high-performing solar water heaters; I came across a few names and zeroed down on three words, including Sunrise Solar. All the three were good brand names, and I also checked their respective websites to understand their customer policies and ideologies. Sunrise Solar’s name was the last out of the three; when I enquired about the other two brand names in the market through my sources, I got mixed reviews, but I couldn’t decide on that. I started enquiring about Sunrise Solar, and even then, I got mixed reviews, but when I counted the positive reviews, the percentage was more. Sunrise Solar had over 70 percent good reviews compared to 40 and 30 percent of the competition. This made me decide in favor of Sunrise Solar, and I confidently placed my order. The service and maintenance personnel installed the solar water heater the next day. We used it for 18 months without any technical issues, the water was also getting heated within a few minutes, and our entire family used to take a bath for an hour. Things were happening on time, and life was smooth and delicate. I constructed two more floors above my house and purchased two more solar water heaters; this time, the unit capacity was 200 liters. My tenants have been using it for the past ten years, and to date, I haven’t had any technical issues. All my three solar water heaters are in fine condition. So far, I have changed a few tenants; many vacated their houses as they got transferred to different cities. All my tenants haven’t even complained once about the solar water heaters. It runs completely fine, which has made me say with confidence, ‘Go for Sunrise Solar Water Heaters with confidence.’      

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