Does your current work give job security, satisfaction, and happiness? Think Hard!

Working for an organization has its perils and disadvantages despite the employee’s overall commitment and dedication. While an employee does commit himself wholeheartedly and works benevolently under all conditions for the benefit of the organization, he still has a constant threat looming over his head of losing the job for trivial reasons. The reasons for job insecurity are many, the impact and effects of the Covid pandemic have dramatically changed the work environment and created disarray between the employee and the organization. The long working hours, less-family time, and erratic work pressures have all mounted on the employee and added to his stress factors. The unfortunate aspect despite the employee’s dedication and commitment is the insecurity attached to his job which is a serious cause for worry. The productive work-healthy family life balance is a milestone that every company must deliver to the employee. Five working days with an eight-hour daily schedule might be the agreed terms, but the terms are mostly taken for granted in several cases by the company, as the employee is invariably made to work for more than eight hours resulting in the derailment of his work and family life balance. With the derailment of work and family life, most employees are caught in a web of stress-related feelings and emotions. With the growing job insecurity concern in the minds of people, they unequivocally commit to the long working hours even though it could add to their stress and physical ill-health. The other causes of concern in the workplace are the growth and learning aspects related to the domains that people work in. 

Upskilling and learning should be part of every company’s culture. But to what extent are the employees learning is the big question.

People prefer to upskill and further hone their skills, as learning becomes a crucial aspect of one’s career growth every employee must create avenues to upskill and learn. Companies must focus on creating possibilities and avenues for every employee, unfortunately, this trend is fast waning out in many organizations as the priorities of the management are constantly changing and the goal posts are regularly shifted to suit their needs. In a scenario like this, it becomes difficult for people who intend to upskill and grow their knowledge base in their respective domains. As the preferences of the companies are changing and upskilling its people is no more its priority and need, there is growing resentment amongst a large section of people who have committed themselves to the growth of the company.

Changing the mindset is critical for the empowerment of people

Working people have a fixed and rigid mindset – they invariably think that their career growth is only possible by associating themselves with a company by working as an employee. This phenomenon is common among many working people and they think it is a match made for a lifetime without any opportunity for separation. This mindset has firmly held them and has made them an employee for a lifetime despite facing many upheavals and difficulties. The shift in the mindset can be a game changer for many of your working professionals, the change in mindset can give them multiple business opportunities without them having to invest significant monies. A change in mindset can make them self-employed businessmen and further their chances in their career growth and potentially earning more monies. 

A Resident Dealer is a new terminology in the Sales business – A potential business opportunity

A Resident Dealer is a new terminology in the Sales business, but it has the potential to scale them into a full-fledged businessman. The Resident Dealers are those who operate from their residents without making any investments in having an office or any other Sales equipment, they just have to have a firm commitment and vision to grow themselves. Sunrise Solar is appointing Resident Dealers across India to further its ambitious growth and it is typically looking for young professionals who have a zeal and passion to become self-styled businessmen and grow the business. People who are tired of working for companies can consider this, a unique and rare opportunity that can change their life. 

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