Choosing an ideal Solar Water Heater for the home is a complex issue. Indeed, it is one.

A Solar Water Heater is a much-needed home appliance; the need for the device is on-demand as the cost of using electricity is rising day after day. Most home appliances need electricity to function; in fact, all kitchen appliances run on electricity; as the cost of electricity increases, people are being put in a huge dilemma – Whether to use them or look for an alternative source of utility. When it comes to bathroom appliances, the only widely used device is the Electric Geysers or Electric Heaters; this appliance was in consideration and demand for a long time. People were using it for an extended period without facing any issues per se. But, when the electricity costs mounted, they were forced to take a second opinion, especially with Electric Geysers as they consume a lot of electricity. Most households that use Electric Geysers shell out a hefty electricity bill every month; either they are ignorant or wouldn’t have taken a serious note. In case of serious contemplation, they could trace the source to the Electric Geysers for the growth in electricity cost month on month. Electric Geysers are a need for every home and family; people need to take a bath to stay fresh and healthy, especially in a country like India, where the tropical climate is the majority season across the year, it becomes all the more necessary for homes to have an Electric Geyser to take a bath and stay afresh. As most Indian families have a definite need to take a bath every day, they were forced to find an alternative appliance for Electric Geyser that is economical and less electric consuming. A Solar Water Heater came in as a suitable replacement for Electric geysers. Still, the consumer was in a dilemma again as he didn’t have sufficient and critical information about the appliance and its overall performance.

Solar Water Heater is an adequate replacement for Electric Geyser. But which one remains a puzzle to be solved. 

Solar Water Heater came in as a suitable replacement for Electric Geyser, but the consumer wasn’t in for an advantage; he became a victim to the new entrant. As new Solar Water Heater companies came into the foray and started manufacturing Solar Water Heaters, consumers began buying them and started facing innumerable problems within a short period. The companies manufacturing were all new, and they had minimal knowledge, so the consumer was made to pay a hefty price. New companies and brands came to the marketplace and vanished as fast as they came; as more and more consumers started facing common technical issues and glitches, they almost lost faith in the category. But a few companies have invested heavily in the technological know-how manufacturing facility and severely adhere to quality standards. They started to manufacture high-performing Solar Water Heaters; these appliances lasted long. They performed to the hilt without the consumer-facing technical severe issues, and from here onwards, the consumer started to gain confidence in the device and the category. Thus, Solar Water Heater as an alternative to Electric Geysers, gained traction by gaining customer confidence. Today, almost every home is decked with a Solar Water Heater appliance, and Sunrise Solar as a solar company is gaining customers’ faith and trust.

Sunrise Solar is the company for efficient solar products, including Solar Water Heaters.

Sunrise Solar has been manufacturing efficient Solar Water Heaters since its inception in Bangalore over four decades ago; the company manufactures a range of Solar Water Heaters that include Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC), Flat Plate Collectors (FPC), and Glass-Lined Water Heaters. The company has carved a niche in this space and has furthered the category with a few more additions; it is now manufacturing superior and classy Sunrise Max, Eco, Ultratech, Pro, Deluxe, Luxury, and Royal. Try them for energy efficiency, and we are sure you will be satisfied on all counts.

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