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We Are The Leading Company In The Country, With Quality Products.
Solar Water Heater

Sustainable Future

By switching to an energy source that’s clean and green, like solar you can help reduce your carbon emissions and lead a more sustainable pollution free lifestyle For example, you can..
Solar Water Heater

Trusted By Experts

Sunrise Solar Water Heating System are the technology of choice for the Asia’s top companies and experts, including Architects, major Builders, Government Bodies..

Statement of Values

We believe in conducting business honestly and ethically and its been that way since 1985. We also believe in taking care of our customers, which is why Sunrise Solar enjoys..
Solar Water Heater
Innovation is a primary source of profitable growth

Sunrise Solar Will Emphasize Innovation

  • Achieve market leadership in all major products lines through innovation and continuous improvement;
  • Seek innovative ways to improve our effectiveness as an organization and the productivity of our facilities;
  • Foster development of attitudes and skills in our people that encourages involvement and creativity;
  • Achieve management excellence to produce the best results and position our company for future growth;
  • Focus on achieving profitable growth with a disciplined approach to mitigating risk.
  • Our dealings with people and organizations, we will act with uncompromising integrity.;
  • We will Be fair and truthful in all claims and advertising;
  • Deal fairly with customers, suppliers, competitors, government and regulatory agencies and employees;
  • Strictly adhere to all laws and seek only honourable goals while rejecting unethical practices;
  • Achieve high standards of quality in all aspects of the business;
  • In still these values in succeeding generations of employees;

We provide innovative Product Solutions for sustainable progress.