Rooftop Solar

Rooftop solar panels are an important renewable energy source that contributes to the eco-system, saves you money and offers the highest form of energy.

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Roof Top Solar

In simpler terms, “photo” refers to sunlight and “voltaic” refers to electrical energy. PV panels convert sunlight into electrical energy. Sunlight flows into the solar panel. Electrical energy flows out of the solar panel. A PV solar panel is made up of many photovoltaic (light to volts) cells. These cells are electrically connected, and then covered with glass. The glass provides electrical insulation. It is also good protection from weather and other damaging forces. PV solar power is solar energy in the form of sunlight, which has been collected by a photovoltaic module, and converted into usable electricity.                             

  • Cost Saving.
  • Cutting Down Electricity Bills.
  • Reduces Corbon Foot Prints
  • Green Source of energy
  • Low maintenence Cost
  • Long life over 25 Years
  • Suitable for Indian Climate.
  • Does not require addtional space