‘Quick replacement made me happy and satisfied.’

(Listen to our Customer’s story who faced an installation issue with us and was sorted quickly – he has been our motivation and encouragement)

Generally speaking, replacing a defect or defunct part in an appliance from the company takes a lot of time. I have experienced it myself in the past. When we installed the Sunrise Solar ETC Solar Water Heater last year, we had just started using it, we used it for a week, and then there was some issue with the adapter and gasket, and we had to face some technical problems with the solar water heater. I called the service section of Sunrise Solar company and registered a complaint. Within the next few hours, I received a call back from the service representative, and she enquired and took all the details about the invoice and the technical issue. The following day the service team from Sunrise Solar visited our house, checked the adapter and gasket, and installed one immediately. I was initially surprised by the quick service from the company and was also happy about it. The solar water heater is performing well today, and we have not had any technical or any other kind of issues. With the quick response and service, I was impressed and told about Sunrise Solar to a couple of my friends; one of them took my word as advice and installed a 200-liter solar water heater. I regularly check with him whenever we meet at familiar places; he is delighted and thanks me for referring him to a good company. This has made me happy; more than me, the value of my word matters. My satisfaction has doubled due to this, one for having personally experienced a positive one, the other for the goodwill and trust my friend had on me. I am still in touch with the service personnel who had visited my house for the replacement. It makes me happy and content.          

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