Energy efficiency matters, be it from a Solar Water Heater or an Electric Water Heater. Period.

Efficiency is the universal measurable metric for all appliances and automobiles, including humans. Efficiency becomes a definite measurable necessity for all actions performed by machines, appliances, and automobiles. It is also a yardstick for the changes, if a particular appliance needs to be changed or replaced, it is done by determining its overall efficiency. Humans have a penchant for efficient machines, not only machines and appliances, but they also have a penchant for efficient fellow species. The overall efficiency of a person becomes a decisive factor in rewarding him or punishing him, hence efficiency becomes a very natural trait that is expected from home appliances, automobiles, and various other machines. A Solar Water Heater is an efficient appliance in many ways when compared with an Electric Water Heater or an Electric Geyser. Why is a Solar Water Heater more efficient than an Electric Water Heater should be discussed and detailed to understand it clearly, detailed analysis and explanation can make things clearer.

Solar Water Heaters Vs Electric Water Heaters – A wordy elaboration  

Renewable and natural source of energy is always efficient, there are no two ways about it, yes, a Solar Water Heater uses a renewable source of energy, it uses solar energy that is available in abundance across the planet, utilizing an appliance that works on an energy source that is available in abundance is welcoming and encouraging. Solar energy produced by Sun is available in abundance and utilizing it is the smartest feat by the human race which needs to be marked for testimony. The human race has plundered on the various resources that are available on planet earth, the over-utilization of forests for wood and timber is the first resource that the humans have plundered, the depletion of green cover across the planet is a dastardly act that needs to be stopped at all costs. The depletion of forests has resulted in various catastrophes for life on the planet, it has caused floods, droughts, and rampant rise in global temperatures. Hence it is advisable and encouraging that natural resources should be preserved. An Electric Water Heater consumes electricity for its functioning, electricity is generated by using coal, hydro-power, wind-energy, and nuclear source, most people use hydro-electric power for domestic purposes, an electric water heater utilizes hydro-power to function, over a million households across the world regularly use electric water heater on a day-to-day basis. If they all switch over to a Solar Water Heater for their bathing purpose, then over a million units of electric power could be saved simultaneously, this being a very broad subject when percolates down to smaller elements can make a world of difference to the planet, meaning when the awareness of energy efficiency spreads across, people will consider changing. The change in mindset can bring in huge changes, people should stop using Electric Water Heaters as they are inefficient in many ways, they add carbon prints to the planet plus the burden of electricity bills. This is a simple way to illustrate why a Solar Water Heater is ideal and better-suited for domestic purposes, hence abandoning an Electric Water Heater could be a smart and efficient decision by people.  

Sunrise Solar is a company for efficient solar products, that includes Solar Water Heaters too

Sunrise Solar has been manufacturing efficient Solar Water Heaters since its inception in Bangalore over four decades ago, the company manufactures a range of Solar Water Heaters that include Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC), Flat Plate Collectors (FPC), and Glass-Lined Water Heaters. The company has carved a niche in this space and has furthered the category with a few more additions, it is now manufacturing superior and classy Sunrise Max, Eco, Ultratech, Pro, Deluxe, Luxury, and Royal. Try them for energy efficiency and we are sure you will be satisfied on all counts.

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