Best Solar Water Heater Manufacturers in Davanagere

About Sunrise Solar Water Heater

Sunrise Solar is the Best Solar Water Heater Manufacturers in Davanagere, the company has over three decades of experience and expertise, and the superior experience of the company is aptly demonstrated in all its products. Sunrise Solar manufactures the entire category and range of solar water heating systems, the range of water heating systems establishes the company’s expertise and know-how in the solar industry.

A Solar Water Heater is a device used to convert sunlight into heat energy for water heating. The Solar Water Heating system consists of a horizontal tank with attached solar collectors. The hot water is stored in a tank which is insulated and it can be accessed at any time. Solar Water Heater is a cost-effective way to produce hot water for domestic use. Solar Water Heating systems have limited maintenance costs and fuel (solar energy) is unlimited, which makes it highly efficient and hassle-free.

    How does a Sunrise solar water heater work?

    Solar water heaters come in a wide range of designs, shapes, and sizes which consist of a thermal collector and an insulated water storage tank. The solar water heaters are designed to use the sun’s thermal energy to heat the water inside the insulated tank in the system. The water storage tank continuously circulates water through the collectors by relying on the natural flow of water occurring due to the difference in the specific gravity of hold and cold water. There is no need for electricity and the whole system is maintenance-free. The only downside of this system is that the temperature control system is controlled, however, it can be managed by mixing cold water.

    The thermal collector captures and retains heat from the sun and uses it to heat the water. The solar water heater working is not too complex. The solar water heating principle governs the technology behind its work.

    Types of Sunrise solar water heater 

    Sunrise solar systems offer two types of solar water heaters, they are called Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC) & Flat Plate Collectors (FPC). Buy a solar water heater according to your requirements.

    ETCs are the most efficient collectors available in the market. The evacuated tube in principle is very similar to a thermos. The water or heat transfer fluid is stored in a glass or a metal tube which is surrounded by a larger glass tube. Since the space between them is a vacuum there is minimal heat loss. The tubes can be replaced individually whenever needed. Flat Plate Collectors can be twice as expensive as Evacuated Tube Collectors. The first company in India to bring the ETC model is Sunrise Solar.

    FPCs typically consist of copper tubes that are fitted to flat absorber plates. A series of parallel tubes are connected at their ends by two pipes, i.e. the inlet and outlet manifolds. The assembly is placed within an insulated box which is covered by tempered glass. An average flat plate collector can contain approximately 150 liters of water. Having two such collectors will provide enough hot water for a family of four. Both of them work on the same solar water working principle.