We make high quality Flat plate collectors (FPC) for water heating application. Our Water Heaters are made from stainlesss stell / Galvalnium. Which makes them durable and they pay for themselves more than ten to fifteen years.The installation of the solar powered water heaters is very simple, and can even be performed by people with limited plumbing experience.

How it works?

A "solar flat plate collector" typically consists of a large flat heat absorbing plate, usually a large sheet of copper which is good conductors of heat, and which are coated with black chrome to absorb as much solar radiation as possible for maximum efficiency. This black heating surface has several parallel copper pipes or tubes called risers, running length ways across the plate which contains the heat transfer fluid, typically water. These copper pipes are bonded with ultrasonically welded, directly to the absorber plate to ensure maximum surface contact and heat transfer. Sunlight heats the absorbing surface which increases in temperature. As the plate gets hotter this heat is conducted through the risers and absorbed by the fluid flowing inside the copper pipes which is then used by the household.

FPC - Domestic Solar Water Heaters

Model - Ultra Tech

Model - Deluxe

Model - Luxury